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First Term

Taught by us, we'll give you routines covering the main techniques on various bodyparts such as

Arm & Hand

Introduction to essential techniques through this delightful massage that is easy to practice anywhere, anytime, and so underrated!

Head & Shoulder

Probably everyone's go-to massage: Knead the stress away (...and win friends during revision time)


This one doesn't really need an introduction, you're probably already looking forward to that week and have been dreaming about it ever since you heard there was a massage society.

Leg & Foot

Where do you live? Don't answer that, wherever it is, you probably have a hill to walk up every day. Come along to this session and your legs will thank you (and us) for it!

Abdomen & Chest

It's not always all about the back: the other side likes attention too! Admittedly often forgotten and not everyone's cup of tea, but it is worth coming along to see for yourself.

Second Term

Taught by professionals, these are different types of massages, with more advanced techniques, covering different parts or the whole body. The list varies from year to year, but here are a few to give you an idea of what to expect

(we'll know which we'll do by the end of the first term, so feel free to ask any of the committee)


A society favourite, Shiatsu focuses on energy flow rather than the muscles themselves. It's one of the most relaxing massages you'll have, and the routine taught usually covers the whole body. Emphasis is also put on ensuring the masseuse is comfortable and relaxed, which makes a great difference on how good the massages feel. You'll also learn a bit more about how to read the receiver's body's reaction.


Massages aren't all meant to be relaxing to make you feel better... Sometimes it takes a little more pressure and *pain* to make your body feel on top of the world. We usually have a Bristol Physio therapist to teach that session, giving us a good introduction into the techniques to use and pressure points to work on depending on what the person needs. It's a really good one, people.


Anyone wants to come with us to Hawaii? ..We don't really have the funds or time to make that happen, but we have the next best thing: Lomi-Lomi! It's Hawaiian for 'Massage' and you'll feel like you were on that island in the sun. It covers the whole body in long fuild movements, and draws inspiration from water and hawaiian rythms. (We even had some music for it)


If you haven't already, you'll quickly learn that your hands, and thumb, get tired after a while, and we'll show you moves to spare you some of that ache to look after yourself too. You may not be planning on massaging for 6 hours, but it is still a good idea to learn how to use the rest of your arms, or body, to still give a good massage.

Indian Head

Also a society massage crush: Indian Head Massage is probably exactly what you want after a long day at uni (or work, or even if you were in bed all day -we all know that happens- point being: it's always good). Taking good care of our heads should be a priority, and a massage will help feel a bit less stressed, trust us.



Massage Society has always been eager to raise money for various charities by offering massages for donations a few times throughout the year. We've supported Children in Need, Papyrus and Bristol Samaritans, participated in RAG week and even won a prize for it in 2013!

Balls & Other Events

We also work at different balls and events organised by other societies or halls, where we ask a few of our members to massage, and in exchange for their time and skills, they get free entry to the event! From the CHH Snow Ball to Shake Awake morning raves, we like giving a hand to make these events just that little bit better.


Guess what? On top of all that, we're social too! We've had BBQs, Cocktails, Christmas Meals, Curry Nights, Games, Pub Quiz, Spa Trips, and otherwise always head to the Union Bar after the sessions for a pint or two (...it's important to hydrate after a massage! )





Louisa Ramsey




Alex Cheadle


Hannah Spooner


Lucy Thomas

Teaching Coordinator

Justine Pang

Balls Reps

Leia Harris & Rowan Kypreos

IT Officer

Laetitia Delmer


Samantha D'Cruz & Peter Collen


Ella, Kylie, Bethany




Vice-President & Social-Sec

Hannah Spooner

Secretary & Webmaster

Rowan Kypreos


Alex Moss

Teaching Coordinator

Samantha D'Cruz

Balls Rep

Leia Harris


Louisa Ramsey


Peter, Pieter, Ella, Laetitia, Kylie, Bethany

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